[ Q&A ] What Is AvaTrade Minimum Deposit Amount?

The minimum deposit at AvaTrade is $100

015, Apr 2021

Starting the journey in 2006, they established millions of traders' faith.

In these years, this giant forex broker achieved 1,250,000 accounts from across the globe. Almost 190 countries are included to be a part of ava.

AvaTrade Minimum Deposit Amount

We have already given you the Avatrade introduction. 

Now, it's time to ELABORATE.

Avatrade's minimum deposit is $100. It is an initial deposit or funding that you have to fund before trading. Then your trading account will live. A deposit in Ava will be a great benefit. 

  • You do not have to pay a deposit fee. 

  • You can use a debit/credit card.

  • The depositing process is user-friendly.

The minimum deposit is a secret trick that brokers are using towards traders. They hide their initial cost related to creating an account and ensuring their profits through it. The higher you deposit, the higher your chance to trade for the broker. And obviously, the more you will trade, the more they get spread from you.

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Avatrade Minimum Deposit
 One Broker With Multi-Regulated 

Most traders are lacking proper securities. It's not the game that you put your hard-earned money at risk. So, proper regulation means that you're safe to invest.

That's why Avatrade connects lots of high regulated authorities--

  1. They are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland in Europe.

  2. They are regulated by ASIC in Australia.

  3. In Japan, they are regulated by FSA.

  4. In South Africa, they are regulated by FSB.

See, it's a complete package of online securities. That's the reason why AvaTrade gained millions of faiths. Once again, if you have the only vital concern about regulations, then it's the top in all.

AvaTrade Minimum Deposit
 Account Types 

In Avatrade, you get multiple account types that have different credentials-

  1. Standard Account: Only Beginners are highly recommended and can be owned by any individual.
  2. Corporate Account: Professionals are the prime choice of its. But, it's only owned by the legal entity.
  3. Islamic Account: This account for those only who are following the rules of "SHARIAH". Because they are not interested in giving or accepting any interest rates.

There is GOOD news for professionals.

Guess What?

If you are really an experienced trader, you can open a professional account in Avatrade. But you have to provide a certificate that shows you have at least 12 months of experience in the financial sector, trading activity, and holding $500K capital value.

Note: In a professional account, your leverage will be higher than a standard account.

Avatrade Minimum Deposit
 Deposit Methods 

In Avatrade, you can deposit your money through 3 steps:

  1. Credit Cards and Debit Cards - You can use debit or credit cards to fund your account. But if you use a credit card, then your fund will be instantly credited into your account. If they delay, immediately contact the support centre. But as for the first-time deposit through a credit card, you may be lag for 1 business day due to security verification.

  2. E-payments - Electronic payment methods convert the system into a modern revolution. You can use Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, and others to make deposits. Your fund will be transferred into your account within 24 hours.

  3. Wire Transfer - Depending on your residence and banking institution, the ware transfer takes time between 7 business days. For making the process comfortable, please send Avatrade a copy of the swift code or the transfer receipt so that they can track your deposit.

Note: Remember An Australian dollar (AUD) account will only accept Australian clients and for British pound accounts is for only UK Traders.

Avatrade Minimum Deposit
 Supported Currencies 

Every trading account has a base currency system. That means when you have to deposit, you have to only deposit the money into a certain currency. For example, your trading account supports USD as the default currency. So, you have to only deposit USD in that account. If you want to deposit in EUR, then you may have to pay deposit fees.

Avatrade supports 5 base currencies to deposit funds including USD, EUR, AUD and etc. But there is a catch, What is it?

If you would deposit in a major currency, then the broker won't have to convert it. But if you do for a minor currency, then Avatrade converts your currency and you will be charged a currency conversion fee. 

Avatrade Minimum Deposit
 Deposit Methods 

Before making a deposit, you need to open an account on Avatrade. So, let's move on that part--

In depositing your account, you have to follow these steps--


  1. For opening an account, you have to click the Register Now button to move to the next steps


  2. Now you can see the registration page. Place all the information correctly and click on Create Account. Now, you are ready to rock.
  3. Verify your account for the final touch.


So, after completing these procedures, select a payment method to fund your account-

  • Credit card & Debit card - Deposit through your card must be legitimate. Your card must be in your name and also you have to verify the card by scanning and sending it to the broker. 

  • Wire transfer - This method is quite lengthy but secure. You have to put your bank account information in the deposit interface (Note: the bank account must be in your real name). After that, make a deposit and then the broker will provide you with a reference number that is needed to verify the identification of your fund.

  • E-payment - It looks like you purchase products on the internet. Just fill out forms that are needed to deposit your funds.

You have to log in to your account to make a deposit. Now, just click the "deposit" section and select your deposit method. Also, ensure that you are selecting the specific trading account to deposit funds. But it will be beneficial if you use debit or credit to fund the account. Because it is the fastest process among all the deposit methods.


Now, you have to make sure that you review your deposits. After depositing the fund, AvaTrade will send you a mail that they found the deposit option.

The Bottom Line

After completing the whole process, we found that not only Avatrade has the tightest security, but also it is good at money-making.

Having a huge deposit currency support, an initial minimum deposit that everyone bears, and also have the best deposit methods that are quite easy to handle makes the broker more reliable to its clients. Also, recently it's providing a
$200 forex no deposit bonus.

So, with these facilities, a pretty common dialogue from AvaTrade, "
I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse". Jokes apart! Till then...

Best of luck!