Broadening Triangle Pattern - The Pattern of High Volatility

Understanding Broadening Formations

012, Apr 2021

In this modern era, the trading of forex is more complicated and demolish.
If you don't have accomplished knowledge, your trading career will dive into the sea.

So, how to survive in this sea of trading career and what's the right way you have to use. Yes, there is a lot of questions revolving around your mind.

Don't panic too much instead look around the possibilities and here only Technical Analysis helps you go a long way.

Many technical analysts identified lots of chart patterns that show the market condition when it temps to high or low. And that belongs to the broadening triangle patternIf you want to get instant analysis related to this one then here is the right place for you.

Are You bluffing?

No, not for a while. Hold on TIGHT to face the truth!

What is Broadening Triangle Pattern?

Broadening triangle patterns is a price chart pattern that is acknowledged by technical analysts. It shows two different trend lines, one high and one low, and pointing out the increasing price volatility. It occurs when something is the ups and downs of market prices. This chart identifies a couple of higher pivot highs and lower pivot lows. The below chart shows an example of a broadening triangle pattern--

In this case, the first word that comes out from every trader is "how can we make money from that?"

Let's make it easier for you -

Making Profits From Broadening Triangle Pattern

Broadening chart patterns are for those investors and traders who are really comfortable with rising volatile market pairs or stocks, not for those who only point out a single quiet direction. But, I have to say that there is good news for both swing and day traders, who don't rely on directional news and choose the volatile path to gain profit.

These types of traders are following technical techniques and using the technical indicators to quickly start and end trades that capitalize on the short movement. These indicators help them to be aware of being gaining profit from the market and cut losses from being increased.

Let's show you some screenshots from the previous trades. It shows how broadening chart patterns really appears when marketing is volatile.

Examples of Broadening Triangle Pattern:

So, you can see a broadening triangle pattern had occurred on the 3rd and 4th of February, which breakdown the price in downside and remain the price trend steady.

And this screenshot shows the huge volatility in several days.

The Bottom Line

Besides broadening triangle patterns, there are lots of technical indicators you can use to monitor the market. Only technical analysis can be done while you can't predict the lines you see on your screen. A volatile market is a major problem while you are trading. But if you are aware of the market trend and know when to start or when to stop, surely it will be a goal. Besides, using forex signals can be a great idea. With a reliable forex signal provider, you will get some rest. In the end, I must say that with more effective technical indicators, you can change your trading title into a successful trader. Till then,

Keep learning!