Are You Confused By Your Fp Markets Commissions & Fees? Here's Shown All

022, Feb 2021

In recent days, FP Market is making quite a name for itself by providing possible low commission and fees compared to their competitors.

It's an undeniable fact that FP Markets has become one of the most secure and dependable Forex brokerages across the globe and over the years it has attained trust and satisfaction from the online market traders. FP Market's vision was clear as crystal. They've worked with a vast passion in order to create an ideal place for all sorts of market traders so that they can get the possible best trading experience out there. And that's why FP Markets is an ideal choice for traders.

FP Markets Company awarded a multilingual customer support team is also one of the key factors that helped FP to get its high place in the market. Besides, they are also regulated by the tightest regulatory bodies out there for ensuring the safety measurements of their clients. And, for your kind information, FP Market is regulated by both ASIC and CySEC regulatory bodies which makes FP one of the most secured Brokerage firms for the market traders. Read full FP Markets Review in 2021.

FP Markets Withdrawal Fees

Moving on, another major factor that often troubles the market traders is the withdrawal fees. If you don't know what is withdrawal fees then let me explain them to you. In simplified words, when you withdraw the profit amount which you've gained while working with a specific broker, a small portion of that amount will be deducted by the broker.

Clear enough? 

And, does FP Markets charge any withdrawal commissions? 

Yes and no!

Usually, FP Markets doesn't charge any money directly from you. However, the fees primarily depend on your payment method which you opt to use for the transactions and stuff. The commission rates are stated below:

  • International Bank Wire: 10 AUD or equivalent.
  • Neteller: 2% and maximum 30 USD.
  • Skrill: 1% (excluding country fees)
  • Broker to broker: 10 AUD

Therefore, to summarize:

 FP Markets rolls with two types of commissions and they are called trading fees and no trading fees.

Trading fees: To be on point, trading fees are something that will be charged every time you place a trade which obviously includes commissions, overnight and rollover fees, spreads, and more!

Trading fees for several trading elements are stated below: 

Non-trading fees: Things are a little different when it comes to non-trading fees as they are not directly related to any sort of trading materials. So, you might be wondering, what then?

Well, you can think of it as a certain cost for working with a brokerage company. The Non-trading fees for several trading elements are stated below: 

You got that, right? 

If you are still living under a rock then try to follow the images which are given below especially for you so that you can understand the BIGGER picture.

Deets: Trading and Non Trading Fees (taken from FP Markets official website)

Moving on, As we've probably shown you guys pretty much everything regarding FP Markets fees and regulations, how about disclosing a few interesting facts that might help you on the way.

Here are the deets...

First of all, let's see the basic fundamentals of FP in the image stated below:

  • FP Markets have been awarded the best global value broker, lightning-fast execution broker along with tighter spreads broker in recent years.
  • FP Markets is a Multi-Assets Trading Platform with over 100+ Assets.
  • FP Markets offer two ways to trade: Forex, CFDs and they accommodate various levels of traders whether you are experienced or a beginner.
  • FP Markets are ULTRA cautious about withdrawal requests as they know if they violate any regulations they can be DOOMED any time.
  • FP Markets is a global trading platform in the sense that it operates in 192 nations including nations in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Lastly, If you’re considering FP Markets broker but feeling hesitant somehow due to someone's advice then we'll suggest you take some time to do background research regarding them. Trust us, doing a couple of researches won't waste your time, rather it'll be worth it. So, that being said, we're signing off for now!

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