New Addition: FBS Introduces Fix Rate for Nigerian Traders

Fixed Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 400 NGN

023, Aug 2021

When it comes to international trading brokers, FBS is undoubtedly considered one of the top-tier brokerages out there.

Fabricated back in 2009, FBS is still going strong to this day with a vast trader base along with multiple awards at its sleeve.

But that's a discussion for another day!

As for the Nigerian traders, FBS has come up with an EMPHATIC announcement claiming that they've fixed the exchange rate. As a result, the exchange price will always be fixed while making deposits. 

Besides, here is the fixed exchange rate: 1 USD = 400 NGN ( Updated 22 August 2021)

Hold on a sec! Wondering what exactly a fixed rate is? 

Well, it's obvious! Not everyone knows all the terms.  Nevertheless, a fixed exchange rate is probably an awesome feature that gives more confidence while trading the online currency market.

It reduces uncertainty over currency fluctuations so that traders can focus entirely on making a profit.

Moving on, FBS is now providing a Fix Rate option in Nigeria for deposits in its national currency that too for the first time in their national history. 

It only gets better from now on!

This means that the currency exchange rate remains fixed every time you fund your account. For Nigerians, 1 USD will always be 400 NGN as mentioned earlier. Traders can activate the Fix Rate feature through their Personal Area.

However, in order to make your trading experience even BETTER, the brokerage is simultaneously offering the Fix Rate feature alongside other advantages:

- Low spreads

- 24/7 withdrawals

Fix Rate is an incredible chance to benefit more from trading. FBS lets its clients explore the world of trading without worrying about constantly changing currency rates. FBS continues to evolve by finding ways to make trading more and more enjoyable and profitable for its clients. Moreover, FBS has already successfully launched the Fix Rate feature for its clients from Indonesia.

So, you get the idea!

This time it's Nigeria's turn!

While that being said, let’s get you through a brief overview of the international phenomenon of a broker aka “FBS”!

Here are the deets…

FBS Broker Review

When it comes to “choosing a Forex broker ” you have so many options to look for and guess what?

FBS Broker is one of them. However, if you end up investing in something that’s not worth it, then you won’t be investing in any business because of “Fear.”

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So, that’s why we are assisting the readers with “Complete reviews of Broker” because we know “How important it is to know the in-depth details of the broker you want to invest in.”

If you’ve got a wish of “Investing in FBS Broker,” then we recommend you to read the complete review because we will be breaking down everything without being “Biased.”

Let’s rock and roll!


When talking about History, FBS Broker came into being in 2009 and started to gain the fame and respect it richly deserved. After the launch, they started to witness 7000 daily investors joining the table and trusting the “FBS Group” all for good reasons.

They started targeting the Forex Market in the beginning, but after achieving so many investors (13 million traders), they inaugurated CFDs, Stock Exchange, and a lot more to invest in.

That’s enough of the “History” part, and we should now be moving towards regulations, account types, and trading platforms.

Here we go again;


Yes, FBS is regulated by:

  • Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CSEC)

  • International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

But, that doesn’t mean “FBS” is free from criticism, they are receiving hundreds of reviews on a daily basis, and they are working to improve it.


So, there are different types of accounts that FBS is dealing with, and all have their own privileges. We are listing everything down with a brief detail to help you choose the perfect fit for you.

  • Cent Account

  • Micro Account

  • Standard Account

  • Zero Spread Account

  • Unlimited Account


  • The minimum deposit limit is $1

  • No commission is involved

  • Leverage is 1000:1

  • You can enjoy open positions up to 50 and the same pending orders

  • Spread from 1 pip


  • The minimum deposit limit is $5

  • No commission is involved

  • Leverage is 3000:1

  • You can have 100 open positions and the same pending orders

  • Spread from 3 pip


  • The minimum deposit limit is $100- This account is for the professionals

  • No commission is involved

  • Leverage is 3000:1

  • You can have a maximum of 100 positions and pending orders

  • Spread from 1 pip


  • The minimum Deposit Limit is $500

  • $20 per lot commission

  • Leverage is 3000:1

  • You can have a maximum of 100 positions and pending orders

  • Spread from 0 pip


  • The minimum Deposit Limit is $500

  • No commission is involved

  • Leverage is 500:1

  • There’s no trading limit for this account

  • Spread from 0.2 pip

So, you can choose an account of your type and start your trading real quickly. But wait, there are a lot of things to consider, and you can have Knowledge of everything by reading the complete content.

So, why not read it completely then?  

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