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021, Oct 2021

The LiteForex company has expanded the list of available cryptocurrency instruments. The following currency pairs have been added:

QTMUSD (Qtum to US Dollar); ZILUSD (Zilliqa to US Dollar); XTZUSD (Tezos to US Dollar); MKRUSD (Maker to US Dollar); BNBUSD (Binance Coin to US Dollar); ADAUSD (Cardano to US Dollar); TRXUSD (Tron to US Dollar); XLMUSD (Stellar to US Dollar); BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash to US Dollar).

We have upgraded our cryptocurrency liquidity pool and can now provide our customers with the most attractive prices and some of the market's lowest spreads!

Our clients enjoy the most exciting cryptocurrency margin trading conditions.


All our cryptocurrency pairs can be traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a short break from 3 am till 4 am on Sundays (GMT+3 server time) meant for routine optimization of the trading servers.

The actual trading schedule is always displayed in the “Info on the instrument” section in the Client Profile at LiteForex.


We kindly remind you that our traders can use the Twitter Watcher service, where AI analyses Twitter messages and provides trading recommendations for crypto pairs.

What kind of service is that?

That's a third-party service integrated into LiteForex's Client Profile. Artificial Intelligence analyses news related to BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and XRPUSD pairs on Twitter and reacts quickly to users' sentiment.

Having processed the information, AI provides some trading advice and marks the extent of its applicability. The more time you have, the higher your future profit is. Twitter Watcher shows the optimum market entry points and rates a signal's strength and accuracy, also generating stop-loss and take-profit amounts.

What would your trading results be if you used the service?

Over September 2021, AI produced more than 100 signals, their accuracy being up to 80%. That's an outstanding result!

Our traders can use AI signals for BTC, ETH, and XRP coins. Here's a trading profitability chart of Twitter Watcher's signals for September 2021.

Start deposit: 1,000 USD Start of trading by the use of AI signals: 01.09.2021 End of trading by the use of AI signals: 30.09.2021 Profitability: 35.66% Capital at the end of the trading period: 1,356.64 USD

So, AI proved to be a stable and efficient tool and showed high profitability rates. You can check out a more detailed report on AI signals here.

Please note that positive trading performance in the past does not guarantee future profits.

How do I activate the service?

The service is granted for free if LiteForex's client trades at least two standard lots a month in his/her trading account. If the trader doesn't trade at least two standard lots in the current month, the service will cost 5 USD. You can activate the service in your Client Profile at LiteForex.

Make the most of cryptocurrency trading with LiteForex! The best technological solutions, the most attractive prices, and the tightest spreads – that's our team's everyday concern!

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