019, Oct 2021


This time, not a trader, but a trader, won the next edition of the competition selecting the best speculator among Tickmill clients. A trader named Tam proves that a woman's approach to risk can bring brilliant results.

$ 86,000 in profit with a negligible loss of capital and 50% efficiency? Plus with a set stop loss for almost every position? Yes! It really happened :-). Get to know the history of the Trader of the Month in the September edition of the competition.

Congratulations to the winners!

Taking small steps to the goal

It often happens that in the summaries of the edition of the Trader of the Month competition, we see transaction histories containing hundreds or even thousands of items and equally substantial rates of return. This time is different. But is it worse? None of these things. A trader named Tam confirms that women are less likely to take risks.

Hence? The rate of return is less staggering because in this case, it was "only" + 12% (it's a lot for a month anyway!), There were only 34 positions, but the amount earned was almost 86,000 dollars! All this took place with 50% efficiency and practically insignificant loss of capital, which did not exceed ... 2%.


But to the point - how did Tam play? There was only trading in gold and a few major currency pairs. There were only 34 transactions. However, the volume is impressive, as it was 60.0 lots or 30.0 lots per position (no other values). Interestingly, the volume has decreased since September 10, when Tam already managed to earn over 30,000. USD.

Risk? It is different than always. The trader had a set Stop Loss for almost every position, and often also Take Profit. This is a huge difference compared to its predecessors, who rather avoided it. Positions rarely lasted longer than a day, and Tam often closed small losses and collected a large profit.

And this approach gave her just such a powerful perk with a 50% success rate. She also often used pending orders, which were eventually removed and were not implemented. Well-thought-out strategy and feel for the market? We have no doubt that it was so. Source.


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