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027, Dec 2021

I am sure many of you have considered buying or designing an Expert Advisor to trade (automated trading system), install it on a VPS, and launch it trade for you. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Or, here is another example. You are engaged in trust management and you have over five accounts to manage. It creates much of load on the hardware, and there may problems with the Internet connection.

What is VPS service in forex and how does it work?

Forex VPS service provides a remote server, which is popular among traders who use automated systems, such as scripts and advisers in trading.

With the help of a VPS server, a trader maintains constant contact with an Internet service provider and obtains a reliable uninterrupted power supply for trading.

Modern technologies of VPS servers provide uninterrupted service and round-the-clock access to all applications, RAM, hard drives, and processors.

A big advantage of the service is remote control over the trading platform and software and hardware systems. A user of the VPS service can remotely adjust the settings of the robots and advisers in order to improve their efficiency.

How does forex VPS work?

A VPS is designed to take the load and be accessible to the trader at any time. It is like a complete workplace that can be used only for trading, for example, trading with EAs, managing multiple investors’ accounts, or copying the trading signals from the trader who is in a different time zone.

The VPS forex solution is using data center facilities, Virtual Personal Servers, which are always online, 24/7. You won’t have to keep numerous terminals open on your desktop. You won’t have to worry about the resources of your facilities or maintenance work in the network of your Internet provider at night.

A broker, providing forex VPS service, guarantees that the speed and the capacity of the applications will be in accordance with a server’s specification. Large brokers offer VPS hosting with a multi-language interface and support. The standard interface of the Windows Server is very comfortable for a trader who uses a remote server.

Terms and price of renting depend on the rate and selected applications of the server. It is worth noting that the price of the best forex VPS service is fully justified. For a relatively small price, which is affordable even for a beginner in the market, a trader is secured from external adverse factors, force majeure circumstance, power supply interruptions, malfunction of the router, unauthorized access, or emergency failure of a computer, tablet, or laptop. Continue reading on LiteFinance.