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Updated: Jan 11, 2022



Are you looking to know everything about Equiti Broker? You've just landed in the right place. Go below to read a complete review regarding Equiti Broker.

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:1:500
Minimum to Open Live:$500
Address:Second Floor, Jouba Complex, Suleiman Al Nabulsi St 32, Al-Abdali Boulevard, Amman., Jordan
Contact:[email protected], +44 203 519 2657
Regional offices:
Regulations:JSC, DMCC, FCA
Prohibited Countries:CanadaUSABelgium
Trading platforms:MT4, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (60+)
Currencies: (60+) Gold, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
ZuluTrade: No
MAM: Yes
CopyTrading: Yes
Deposit Methods:VISA,MasterCard,Skrill,Neteller
Withdrawal Methods:VISA,MasterCard,Neteller,Skrill

EquitiBroker-Featured-DailyForexTrading.NetEQUITI REVIEW - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Equiti Limited is one of the most prestigious companies for providing you with CFDs and Forex Trading facilities. They have more than 150+ staff members from all around the globe and offer 24*6 customer services.

Additionally, they have an affiliate program as well, and if you have to give a test before you qualify for the "Affiliate Program." They have certain requirements that you need to follow.

"They have collaborated with Innovate Technologies and ECN
Technologies  to provide you with excellent service and overall experience"

Also, they not only deal with Forex Trading only, but they have to offer you Precious Metal, CFDs, and Partnership Programme as well.

That's enough of the introduction, right?

Let's talk about all the details regarding Equiti Broker.

Here we go!


It is always important that you get to know about the regulation of the Broker. Equiti Broker is regulated by JSC (Jordan Securities Commission) in order to make a safe and secure trading atmosphere for the investors.

So, you don't have to worry about the regulations because they are regulated by the strictest regulations around the globe.

Let's now move towards the account types of the "Equiti Broker."

Here we go!


Equiti Broker does not offer you a wide range of account types, but they have accounts for beginners and professionals. Yes, they deal with two types of "trading account."

  • Executive Account
  • Premiere Account

Let's talk about both the accounts in detail:


Now, this Account is for the beginners who want to try their luck in the Forex World. You'll have the permission to trade with the MetaTrader4 platform, and you can trade on more than 60 currency pairs. Wow, that's such a nice figure.

Let us discuss critical things about this Account of Equiti Broker:

Minimum Deposit




Spread From

1.6 pips*


60 Currency Pairs, CFDs, and precious Metals

Maximum Leverage

1:500 for Forex and Metals, 1:200 for CFDs and 1:20 for Equities

Fixed Leverage

For Forex and Precious Metals

Demo Account


Minimum Trade Size

0.01 Lot

Stop Out Level



No Commission

That's all from the Executive Account, and now it's time to move to the next section, which is "Premiere Account." Let's talk about it!


This Account is for the professionals, and if you've any experience in "Forex Trading" before, you can give a try to this Account.

Let's have a look at the details of the Premiere Account.

Minimum Deposit




Spread From

0.2 Pips


60 Currency Pairs, CFDs, and precious Metals

Maximum Leverage

1:500 for Forex and Metals, 1:200 for CFDs and 1:20 for Equities

Fixed Leverage

For Forex and Precious Metals

Demo Account


Minimum Trade Size

0.01 Lot

Stop Out Level



$70 per USD One Million Trading

So, these are the details of the Premier account of the Equiti Broker, and if you've any questions regarding the account types, you can ask them down below.

Following are the pros and cons of the account types based on our research:



Account Opening is super easy

No MetaTrader5

No complications Involved

The initial deposit for the executive Account is a bit high

They don't charge anything from the Beginners



Before you go for any of the Brokers, it's always important to have a look at the trading platforms that they have to offer you.

Let's have a look at the trading platforms of "Equiti Broker." They offer you:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • Web Trading

They don't have MetaTrader 5 till now, but they have plans to introduce that in the future.



MetaTrader 4 availability

No availability of MetaTrader5

Web Trading Availability


You can trade from your smart devices


Let's now talk about the in-depth detail of the "Equiti Broker."


As we all know, all the accounts have different spreads, and we have discussed them already in the account types section.

But why not discuss them again? Scroll down and check out the spread of two account types:

  • Executive Account (Spread from 1.2 Pips)
  • Premiere Account (Spread from 0.2 Pips)

There's a huge difference between the spread of both the accounts, and if you're a beginner, then an Executive Account is perfect for you, but if you're a professional, then Premiere Account is the way to go.


The execution time section of the Equiti Broker is pretty interesting because they don't have to offer you the market execution. They work on the principle of "Instant Execution," and it's working pretty great for them.

But, they are offering "Market Execution" for the beginner's Account, and you can get direct access to the market and automate everything related to "Forex Trading."

So, if your concern isn't about "Executions," then you can go for this place without any problem.

Let's now move to the next section:


Just like other broker marketplaces, they do have commission and fee for their different account types. To make things easy for you, let's break down the Commission and Fee for each of the Account:

  • Executive Account (No Commission/Fee)
  • Premiere Account ($70 on every 1 Million USD Trade)

The fee is pretty low, and you shouldn't have any problem with the Premiere Account because it's pretty reasonable.


The leverage of any account is important because it has a direct connection with the "Forex Trading" and the profit you'll be getting in the future.

Though a lot of things depend on "How you execute your trade," but still Leverage/Margin plays an important role in Forex trading.

Here's what Equiti Broker has to offer you:

  • Executive Account 1:500 for Forex and Metals, 1:200 for CFDs and 1:20 for Equities
  • Premiere Account 1:500 for Forex and Metals, 1:200 for CFDs and 1:20 for Equities

Note* They have fixed leverage for Metal and CFDs available as well.


The Live Support of Equiti Broker is always available to help you answer your questions. Additionally, you can contact them via:

  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Chat Option (Available on the website)

They do have a "FAQs" page on their website to deal with any sort of "Problems" coming your way. Just type the question that is causing the problem, and you'll end up getting the solution.



24/7 Availability


Customer Service members have a piece of great knowledge about Forex


You'll get the reply within 5 minutes


So, that's all from the critical information regarding "Equiti Broker," and it's time to move towards opening the Account and how to deposit the money.

Here we go again.


The opening of the Account has to be simple, and that's what "Equiti Broker" did because not a lot of investors are able to deal with the complications at this step.

To open your Account on the Equiti Broker, you've to follow the steps given below:

  1. The first step is to head towards the official website of "Equiti Broker" by Clicking Here. You'll end up finding yourself at the page as showing in the below-given screenshot:


  2. Now, click on the accounts button and you'll end up finding yourself at the account page where you've to choose between the two accounts:

  3. Choose the Account that you want to use and you'll be given a form to fill to process things up, you can have a look at the form given below:

  4. Fill all the information given above, and then you'll be asked to enter the "Personal Details and Trading Experience Details." Once everything is written, you'll be redirected to your profile, and you're all set to go

That's how easy it is to get started!

Now, if you've opened the account and started to earn some profit, then you must be wondering about "How to withdraw the profited money, right?"

Here's how you do it!



Account opening is easy


Fully Digital


No complications involved



If the withdrawal procedure is easy, you'll be able to attract more investors towards your website. That's exactly what "Equiti Broker" did. Here's how you can withdraw money from Equiti Broker:

  1. Login to your account and then head towards the "Withdrawal Button" from the menu
  2. Now enter the details that they ask you for and then enter the amount
  3. Click on the confirmation button, and you're done

Read more about the "Withdrawal" here.

Before you head towards opening the Account and start investing on this platform, why not look at the comparison of the Equiti Broker with scopemarkets.com and customer reviews?

That's worth it, scroll down.


Scope Markets Broker

Equity Broker

Overall Ratings: 4/5 

Overall Ratings: 4.5/5

Trust Score: 70

Trust Score: 80

Publicly Traded: Yes

Publicly Traded: No

Bank Transfer: Yes

Bank Transfer: Yes

Tier 1- License: 2

Tier 1- License: 2

Tier 2- License: 2

Tier 2- License: 0

Tier 3- License: 1

Tier 3- License: 1

Authorized by EU: No

Authorized by EU: Yes

So, that's the brief comparison of Equiti Broker and Scopemarkets.com.

Now, it's time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of "Equiti Broker."


Without wasting any time, let's talk about the advantages first, and we will lead the pack with disadvantages.


  • You can open the Account easily and start the trading the same day of opening the Account
  • They have accounted for the beginners and professionals
  • They provide you with free education, and their great customer service is always there to support you
  • Both the accounts have the same leverage/margin, and that is 1:500


  • The minimum deposit fee is pretty high as compared to other brokers
  • They have only two accounts; they should have Islamic and other accounts too
  • They don't have MetaTrader5 too

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of "Equiti Broker," and if you've any questions rolling in the mind, feel free to comment down below.


We went to almost every section of the website and didn't find anything regarding the bonuses, Promotions, and Contests.

But, you can still go to the newsroom of the "Equiti Broker" and read the latest news. Maybe they do have something to tell you in the future.

Don't you know how to go there? Follow the screenshot below:


We really have no clue why they don't have any account opening bonuses, contests, and promotions going on. If you really want to attract new investors, these things are the must to do.

But, never mind.

That's all from the topic "Everything you need to know about Equiti Broker," and we are hopeful that the above-written content has helped you solve all your misconceptions regarding "Equiti Broker."

But, if there's still anything that is pinching you and you want to ask, you can contact us. Our team is always available to answer your questions in a flash.

Happy Reading!


Yes, you can transfer your funds from your current broker to your Equiti account, please note that you will need to fill a broker to broker transfer form (hyperlink to the broker to broker transfer form) and send it to [email protected] after you have submitted the transfer through your broker.

No, Equiti only accepts deposits into your account from a funding source which is in your own name.

Equitie margin requirement for hedged positions is Zero.

When you decide to hedge a position in one particular instrument (respectively buying or selling the same amount of that instrument), there will not be any margin needed to maintain the hedged position. As such, your net position will be equal to zero.


As a result of the decreased margin, you will have the benefit of more available funds.


Margin Free hedging however can also pose a risk of triggering either “Margin Call” or “Stop Out” events if one of the positions is closed and the other requires a margin that equals or exceeds the one available for trading, or in the case where a spread widening might occur that affects your equity negatively and increases your losses

Equiti offices are located on the Second Floor, Jouba Complex, Suleiman Al Nabulsi St 32, Al-Abdali Boulevard, Amman, Jordan. You can visit our offices anytime by scheduling an appointment with one of our team members.

Equiti’s servers are all located in London, United Kingdom.

Equiti uses a pool of more than 35 liquidity providers including top tier Banks and prime brokers whose prices are aggregated to offer the best execution to our clients.

Equiti is a Straight Through Process (STP), Direct Market Access (DMA), Non-Dealing Desk (NDD) brokerage firm, we do not hold the clients’ positions and we send the positions directly to our liquidity providers.

No, Equiti is not a scam. Equiti Group operates through the range of established offices, which are regulated and compiled according to various regulations and holding necessary licenses. It means the broker fully complied with its operation with best practice and safety measures. Equity operates mainly in the Middle East market through the Equity limited Jordan - a registered trade name in Jordan. Additional entities are registered in the United Arab Emirates, and in the UK authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Exclusive CFDs Forex Broker In 2022 - EQUITI BROKER REVIEW 2022 Overview
  • Insurance up to 1 million USD
  • Funds segregated
  • STP/ECN Broker
  • Deposit minimum a bit high
  • Doesn't accept US clients
  • Cryptos is not available