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All Strengths And Weaknesses - Hugosway Broker Overview


Are you looking for an experienced Forex broker? We have explained a2z on Hugosway Broker below. Let's move forward to read the complete Hugosway review in 2022!

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:1:500
Minimum to Open Live:$10
Address:Beachmont Business Centre, Suite 65, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Contact:[email protected]
Regional offices:
Prohibited Countries:JapanCubaIranIraqSyriaZimbabwe SomaliaLibyaNorth KoreaSudanTunisiaVietnamLibyaLebanon
Trading platforms:MT4, WebTrader, Desktop Terminal
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (55+)
Currencies: (35+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
Currencies: (170+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
ZuluTrade: No
CopyTrading: Yes
Deposit Methods:Wire Transfer ,VISA,MasterCard,Bitcoin
Withdrawal Methods:Wire Transfer ,Bitcoin,MasterCard,VISA

Today we'll talk about an ideal broker who is now performing really incredible!

Honestly, too much incredible!!!

The broker review of the day "Hugosway"

One Broker. Multiple Facilities. High Trading Performance

At a glance.


Headquarter: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Regulations: No Regulation

Established: 2017

Maximum Leverage: 500:1

Well, now we'll represent everything about Hugosway Broker. Some of especially are:

Broker regulation, Account Types, Commission & Leverage, Customer Service, Account Opening, Deposit Withdrawal, Trading Platform, Advantage/Disadvantage, and others.

Relatable right? Trust me, We’ve explained all been there!

So, let's explore more.

 Hugosway Review - You Need To Know The Basics 

Hugosway is a true ECN broker that was founded in 2017. This world thriving broker offers market-leading pricing and multiple trading conditions.

Without any doubt, this broker is considered as one of the latest STP/ECN trading platforms that connect you with liquidity providers drawn up from over 50 multinational banks. For this reason, you will get the tightest spreads than other brokers.

The brokerage company now officially operated by Hugo's Way Ltd. This company’s activities are located from the below locations:

1. Beachmont Business Centre
2. Suite 65, Kingstown
3. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
4. Global Gateway 8
5. Rue de la Perle
6. Providence Mahe
7. And Seychelles.

As the most minimalistic trading platform, this broker accepts clients from all around the world. Hugosway Broker is known as a Low-Risk Place for investors, and they have a faith score of “83 out of 100.” 

We have discussed enough of the basics. Now we’ll talk about broker regulation and authority.

Let’s rock and roll!

 Regulation of HugosWay Broker 

There are plenty of reasons for choosing the right one (forex broker). We believe that regulation is the main one to gain a broker’s trust.

Many people are seeking the right answer "Is Hugosway a regulated broker". The honest answer is, this broker has no regulation by any well-known organization. Officially they are now operating by Hugo’s Way Ltd only. That's all we can talk about the regulation of Hugosway brokerage.

But people still choose this broker for trading drastically. Because their systems are easy to use and trading execution is so faster than other ones.

Honestly, this is the primary reason people are considered as the ideal trading platform in terms of “easy to use, authenticity, and off-course popularity.”

So, if you are concerned about their regulation only then we suggest you "skip it". Remember that they are trusted by thousands of traders around the world. 




Operating by Hugo’s Way Ltd

No regulation

Seven regional offices


Accept US clients


Trusted by thousands of traders around the world.


We fairly described Hugo's Way regulation. Now our next action is to discuss the account types of Hugo's Way broker.

 Account Types of HugosWay Broker 

Normally, when we talk about the account types of Hugo's Way -this broker offers many account types. This broker is now offering:

  • Demo account
  • Micro account
  • Mini account
  • Standard account
  • STP account
  • Islamic account

Especially this broker gives STP/ECN execution facilities to connect you with multiple liquidity suppliers that are compiled from 50+ banks to deliver you tight spreads as well.

But the real gem we found from this broker's account is, this account has a low commission fee (USD$5.00). It helps to keep the trading spread at the raw prices set by the liquidity suppliers. That is the main reason, there is no chance of manipulation for traders to spread costs done with Standard accounts and by market makers.

We don’t care whether you’re an experienced or beginner trader, if you need something out of the box, then your first choice is to open up a true ECN Trading Account with Hugo’s Way.

Note* Their special facility is a micro lot (0.01) option that can open trades as small as one on their trading platforms. 




True ECN trading accounts

No more extra account types

Micro lot (0.01) facility


Minimum Deposit if $10


Let’s switch to the next important topic - the trading platform of Hugo’sWay.

 Trading Platforms of HugosWay Broker 

One of the greatest things about Hugo's Way Broker is “they offer you different trading platforms” for your varieties trading purposes. People always seek the right thing that perfectly matches whatever he/she is a beginner, seasoned investor, or professional.

Here’s what Hugo's Way Broker has to offer:

  • MT4 Trading
  • Download MT4 – Windows
  • Download MT4 – iOS
  • Download MT4 – Android
  • Web Trader

There is the best trading platform that Hugosway Broker is dealing with:

  • MetaTrader 4

This broker’s award-winning MT4 platform can be used on desktop, mobile, web trader version, iOS, and Android. Let’s break down the benefits of MT4 platforms that the broker offers:

MetaTrader4 (Mt4)

  • It’s crystal clear that their MT4 platform has fully user-Friendly features.
  • You can access all the major trading features.
  • They have multiple languages and customer support globally.
  • They support multi-currency as well.
  • You can use an automated trading system via “Expert Advisors” (EAs).

To be frank, the MT4 platform always performs best. Remember that MetaTrader 4 is more upgraded than other ones. If you want to download their MT4 platform of your choice please Click Here and get it instantly. A few minutes will be spent on downloading and installing both.

There’s no extra barrier, you can now start trading with Forex or Crypto assets on every single platform now.



All trading platforms are transparent and user-friendly

There are no price alerts

Minimalistic design


There are plenty of risk management features that allow you to negative balance protection 


 Now, it’s time to discuss Hugo’s Way broker spreads.

 The Spread of HugosWay Broker 

Hugosway broker is providing the tight spreads where the other brokers offer a huge around the globe. They offer variable and real-time spreads on Forex, Crypto, Indices, and Commodities. 

You'll get all up to date status from the "Live Spread" section. It’s now time to move forward with the “Hugosway Broker Execution Time” part.

Here we go!

There are commonly used two types of execution but Hugosway offers three types of execution facilities. 

  • Instant Execution
  • Market Execution
  • Pending Order Execution

Instant Execution: Hugosway broker offers instant execution when the client wants to set the order by specifying the “order details.” The main advantage of instant execution is, a trader can set both volume and price for their trading assets. Generally, this kind of trading Execution is mostly used by the “Market Maker Broker.”

Market Execution: This type of execution is fully different. Almost 90% of brokers are using this kind of trading Execution. By following Market Execution, anyone can buy or sell trading assets at the running market prices. There is no need to set a certain volume and price for your trading assets.

Pending Order Execution: When we talk about pending order execution, a trader instructs their broker to buy or sell a trading asset at a scheduled price. Technically, pending orders are used to fulfill a trade at a specific trading position that will be acquired by the market in the future.

Let’s now move towards the Commission of the Hugosway Broker.

 Hugosway Broker Review - Commission 

Commission costs with Hugo’s Way are fairly high. This brokerage charge $5 USD per lot equalizing to a $10 round turn. Basically, when you are trading with high volumes or sometimes robot trading, this execution type can clearly add up over time. If you open trade of 100 lots that will cost you an average of $300 USD. It's true that the commission of the Hugosway is higher than other brokers. 

Note* Be alert that if your trading order is modified or canceled then this broker will charge a certain commission as well.

 Incredible Leverage - Hugosway Broker 

The Hugosway broker's maximum leverage is 1:500. This broker still charged a commission of USD $5.00 per lot for all of these CFD materials. Now they offer 1:500 leverage for metals. On the other hand, for energies and indices, the leverage will be fixed at 1:200 where Shares are 1:20.

The Hugosway broker's Standard leverage is now available and it is as high as 1:100. One more thing, the minimum deposit requirement for a new Hugosway trading account is still not declared on their official website.

Let’s talk about their Customer Services now!

 Customer Services 

You can contact the Hugosway Broker via:

  • Live Chat
  • Contact Page
  • Email

There is no doubt that this broker has great live chat support. Not need a long time waiting, you can get connected with the live agent within a few minutes. Not only the English language, but you can also get supported by multiple languages.

But, the Contact page services of Hugusway Broker is really awesome for instant feedback. 

Don't worry, you’ll get all kinds of information about Hugosway's internal and external materials locally and internationally. Also, you can ask anything you want to know from the Hugosway Broker.

Now, our next topic will be "account opening and withdrawal systems of Hugosway broker.”

Let’s head towards them.

 How To Open An Account On Hugosway Broker 

No matter what you have learned before. But right now we’ll highlight some of the very crucial things of opening an account on Hugosway Broker. So don’t waste time anymore, you’ve to follow the directions given below:

  • First thing first, you need to search the broker by using the name “Hugosway” and then visit the official website by Clicking Here and then click on the SignUP button or you’ll get an “Open Live Account” section where you’re able to sign up easily.

  • If you click the Sign Up option, you’ll be redirected to the website registration page and see here how the Hugosway broker’s registration page looks like below:

  • Now you have to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” option to get started, and then click on Sign Up.
  • It’s time to verify your account, and you’re done



Instant Account Opening Facilities


Fully Minimalistic Design and Automated


Low Minimum Deposit - Only $10 Starting


 How To Withdraw/Deposit Money From Hugosway Broker 

The process of the deposit/withdrawal system is pretty easy. You can withdraw or deposit your money without getting any pressure. Hugosway is now accepting the most popular Debit/Credit cards (visa, master card), Bitcoin where you’re able to fund your account instantly. You can withdraw your profitable money with Debit/Credit cards, Bitcoin, or Bank Transfer (nominated banks). 

For withdrawing your balance via bank account Wire Transfer is the best choice. Naturally, Wire Transfer takes 6 days per withdrawal but Hugosway can process it within 1 business day. This broker charges $25 for banking fees on withdrawals if your balance is up to 5K.

Let’s figure out “how to operate your withdrawal system” now:

  • First Step: you need to log in to your account by your email address and password.
  • Second Step: Once logged in, just find the withdrawal option.
  • Third Step: You need to fill the withdrawal form using the required information. Then click on the OK button.
  • Final Step: Now relax, your application is now going to be processed within 24 hours or less.

Now enjoy your profitable money with your family and friends. 

Let’s compare the Hugosway Broker with the best in the business known as “Avatrade Broker.” Here we go...

Hugosway vs. Avatrade

Hugosway Broker

Avatrade Broker

Overall Ratings: 4.1/5

Overall Ratings: 4.5/5

Trust Score: 75

Trust Score: 93

Year Founded: 2017

Year Founded: 2006

Publicly Traded: No

Publicly Traded: No

USA Client Accept: Yes

USA Client Accept: No

ASIC Authorized: No

ASIC Authorized: Yes

FSA Authorized: No

FSA Authorized: Yes

Free Education Available: No

Free Education Available: Yes

Social Trading: No

Social Trading: Yes

Platforms and Tools Rating: 4.5/5

Platforms and Tools Rating: 4/5

Anything we’ve missed? Yes, we still didn’t explain the “Advantages and Disadvantages of Hugosway Broker”. 

Let’s dive in right!

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hugosway Broker 

First and foremost, we will point out all the advantages of the Hugosway broker then we’ll cover all disadvantages they have. 

So, don’t waste any time further, here we go!

Advantages of Hugosway Broker

  • This broker allows you with more than 150+ trading instruments including Forex, Metal, Indice,  and Cryptocurrencies. 
  • You're able to trade the “Markets You Choice” for 24 hours a day with 7 days as well as an extra benefit. 
  • They have an award-winning MT4 trading platform for you where you can download on any device you prefer. 
  • Where they are not regulated by the strictest regulations in the globe but “There are no chances of scams and frauds.”
  • This broker's Customer Service facility is really good. They provide 24/7 support and available in multiple languages as well. 

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of Hugosway broker:

Disadvantages of Hugosway Broker

  • This broker is not authorized by any strictest organization like ASIC & FSA.
  • They have no bonus or contest.
  • For beginners, they have no Free Education or Webinars.

 Bonuses, Contests, and Promotions 

Hugusway, the brokerage of the modern-day not offering any of them (bonus, contest, or promotion) right now. They believe in their ultra platform, instant execution time, and other opportunities that allow you faultless trading.

A PRO trader doesn’t look for extra bonuses or promotions instead of looking for the best trading performance. But, there are a few “Terms and Conditions” that you need to follow, and you can ask customer support to make you understand everything.

 Bottom Line 

In modern days, the Hugosway broker gained thousands of traders' faith globally. Their account opening is simple, multiple trading accounts for every level of investors (beginners, professionals, and experienced), and instant deposit/withdrawal facilities. This broker’s minimum deposit amount is only $10 and your account will be ready in a short time. 

Alright then, we have highlighted all the topics of “Hugosway Broker”.

Did you get it all? If not then feel free to let us know via Contact Us.

Have a safe and profitable trading career with the Hugosway broker. Best of luck!

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All Strengths And Weaknesses - Hugosway Broker
Exclusive CFDs Forex Broker In 2022 - All Strengths And Weaknesses - Hugosway Broker Overview