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Totally clueless about Forex Deposit Bonus? Hooray, you have been landed in the right place. Now, it is time to learn HOW to make moolah!

Let’s ask you this first.

  • Are you in search of Currency/Forex trading?
  • Are you a professional trader?
  • Do you want to earn more bonuses when you make deposits?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader with years of experience, in both cases, having the right trading knowledge is extremely important.

Dude, knowledge is POWER! Uuh, are we clear? Each trader should know WHEN & HOW to trade and when NOT to trade. TopAsiaFX team has got you covered! Here’s detailed information about Latest Forex Deposit Bonuses and all you need to know about it.

This sneaky article will help you to explain what a forex REAL bonus is? What’s its purpose, what are its benefits? How could you avail it? And much more. Ready? Keep reading until the end. 

What Is Forex Deposit Bonus?

Forex Deposit Bonus is considered to be an appealing limited-time discount or bonus or any other offer by a broker.

To say it in a slightly different way, it can be implicit as a present that an online trading company gives to its customers. In contemporary times, people use the word "Promo" frequently for these offers.

As we explained a little above, the forex live trading bonus is a method of providing additional benefit to the BROKERS who are willing to avail the chance and create a substantial profit by connecting to a specific broker. If you are a trader, regardless of being a beginner or a professional trader, it is an inevitable opportunity for you.

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Types Of Forex Deposit Bonus

Occasionally, a representative may offer you a commission or bonus based on the amount you have deposited. But not to worry, if you don’t have an amount for making up the minimum deposit, you can still claim no deposit bonus.

Hence, we will focus mainly on the forex deposit bonus. Sounds good, right? A deposit bonus can significantly improve the profit and margin of your trade business. 

Simplicity pays! To keep the KISS metric in place, the deposit bonus is of two kinds:

Tradable Deposit Bonus: This bonus adds directly to the customer’s account principal balance in MT4. In case you lose track of your starting investment, you can still carry on with your trade by the use of the remaining bonus amount and can steadily draw out the winning bonus leaving the bonus balance.

Credit Deposit Bonus: This deposit adds to the credit section instead of the customer’s main account, and you have lost your initial investment, you cannot utilize this bonus. The forex bonus is just a way the dealer uses to benefit the choice of the client and provide him an additional bonus for the trading purpose. Only right forex brokers allow drawing the client’s extras without causing any inconvenience. 

There are many platforms, and these offer a large number of bonuses after you invest. If you see the Forex bonus is zero cost also consider that this is not the real ONE!

It is not a freak offer, it is a limited time, and the company offers it because the company wants it at that specific time. The real forex brokers always want new clients to invest, and the bonus is for catching the attraction of the beginner traders.

Forex Deposit Bonus: How It Works?

That’s correct; you can BID and ASK currencies against each other as a short-term trade, long-term investment, or something in-between. Think again. Think the stock market/FX trading is huge?

An investment firm has the primary purpose of expanding its business. To fulfill this purpose, all the time it needs small and big fishes (maybe you’re one of them) to replenish their financial system with moolah. In such cases, a new customer is synonymous with an extra investment which helps the broker to develop a good ROI.

When you make a forex deposit through an account manager, you get a free welcome forex bonus. Once the account is credited, you may have to wait for a few hours or days to get the free forex deposit in your account. Once this bonus is live, then the broker may begin auctioning with the desired magnitude.

Why an FX Broker Offer Real Forex Deposit Bonus?

Offering a mobile phone, cash, watches, and other lovely gifts when you make a minimum forex deposit is a great stunt to catch the attraction of the traders, especially beginners. But beware of scammers!

There are a lot of fake companies which offer such appealing offers, they pretend to be real, but their underlying motive is just money embezzlement. Such forex brokers don’t care about their reputation among the clients, and they will only deceive and take your profit by ANY unfair means.

Dude, such companies, don’t lose anything by doing that. Does it make sense? - Good! 

Now, in the real world, it is so crucial to remember to differentiate between real and fake. In the case of a right forex broker, you get a forex deposit bonus, present or gratuity only when you make the minimum deposit and also complete the specified number of bides, trades and fulfill all other terms and conditions.

Yups, that’s the attitude of the real forex broker. On the contrary, fake brokers tend to offer everything free. There are many reasons why a broker offers you a deposit bonus. It’s in the best interest of both the dealer and the client.

If we talk about the perks that the broker enjoys by providing this, the first and foremost one is that they get more clients as many traders get attracted by such alluring offers. The broker receives increased volumes with profits.

On the other hand, the trader also enjoys the MAXIMUM benefits, like getting increased trading experience with low risks. Moreover, the forex bonus assists the trader in earning much more profit by spending less.

A Guide to Choose a Tradable Forex Bonus

  1. Choose a Regulated Broker

It is entirely compatible with what we said: “Beware of Fake Brokers.” Remember not to find the broker only but a trustworthy broker too. Do consider the reputation of the forex dealer before for it.

When you are sure that the broker is honest, trustworthy, only then take the final verdict to proceed with him. Don’t forget your purpose, and what is it? Your intention to make more profits in your trade, this deposit bonus is just an extra virtue and not your real goal!

  1. Follow the Broker’s Terms

The real broker never offers you the bonuses until you fulfill their terms and conditions properly. So, don’t just fall, do maintain the broker’s terms. In addition to it, do compare your achieved trade volume to the past trading volume. This way, you can analyze the profit you make daily.

  1. Trading with the Fancy Bonus

If you are a trader, you know that you know the importance of trading strategy. Anything that goes against your policy won’t benefit you. So, we strongly recommend choosing the bonus that exactly goes in favor of your trading strategy; if you don’t do so, your trading won’t achieve any success. 

All brokerage platforms have different bonus strategies. Carefully go through these strategies before taking any step. Always calculate the trading fees, and if the bonus is more substantial than your actual balance, you make it secure your every transaction. As a result, you achieve a jangling volume at low risks. Many professional traders know this well and use this method.

Terms & Conditions: Uncover The Beast!

It’s quite simple to say that open your account, make a deposit and GET the deposit bonus. It isn’t that simple! Oops, it is the terms and conditions that matter. Consider the T&Cs very carefully!

Yes, very, very carefully.

It is a common observation that the novice traders are just in search of massive bonuses. It is a real mistake! Remember it’s crucially important to clearly understand the tradable bonus procedure and go through the bonus terms and conditions thoroughly.

These days’ brokers offer 50%, 100%, 200% or even up to 400% bonuses. You might forget it already! But once again, what is vital is the terms and conditions. The significant extras are usually not possible to draw out because the brokers usually keep such nonsense terms and conditions for such massive bonuses that it becomes nearly impossible to withdraw. 

Up to now, we do really hope you understand the importance of terms and conditions before choosing the best forex broker and the bonus — this important to make a secure and comfortable withdrawal. Sharply focus on the trading demands, opportunities, etc. whenever you encounter a bonus broker. First make sure that you have bright chances to achieve it, only then proceed.

Again, we stress never to go for these overwhelming bonuses when offered free. It’s usually a SCAM! So, always make sure that the company not just provides such extras but also has a distinct withdrawal procedure as well.

Forex Deposit Bonus VS Forex No Deposit Bonus

So, after getting a clear insight into the forex deposit bonus, do you want to know why it is different than the forex no deposit bonus? Do both terms sound familiar?

Yes! It's true. We have complied some differences between both, Check them out:


 1. It requires you to deposit to get your deposit bonus.  1. Forex no deposit bonus doesn’t require to deposit to get your ‘no deposit Forex bonus.‘
 2. The amount you receive as a forex bonus usually depends on the amount you first deposit or the subsequent amounts you deposit.  2. No deposit Forex account doesn’t require a deposit, so you get the extra thing regardless of what gets deposited.  
 3. Forex deposit often sets as a percentage of the amount you deposit.  3. No deposit is just a sum of the bonus you get without signing up.
 4. Occasionally, a Forex broker may offer you an additional bonus for the deposits you make besides the initial deposits.  4. Forex no deposit bonus will only be given once you open up the account.


How To Fund A Forex Account?

Well! Do you know about funding a forex account?

The forex market is where currencies from around the world are traded, and as mentioned to avail forex deposit bonus, you must deposit funds in your trading account first, so here is a QUICK GUIDE.

In the past, currency trading was limited to specific individuals and institutions. That's because the funds required to play were significantly higher than for any other investment instrument. However, with the development of electronic trading networks and margin accounts requirements have changed.

Although large banks and financial institutions still do nearly 75% of forex trading individuals are now able to invest in forex with as little as $1,000 – THANKS in large part to the use of leverage.

By using a margin account, investors essentially borrow money from their brokers. Of course, margin accounts can also be used by investors to trade in equity securities. The main difference between trading equities and trading forex on margin is the degree of leverage that is provided.

For equity securities, brokers usually offer a 2:1 leverage to investors. On the other hand, forex traders are offered between 50:1 and 200:1 advantage. It means that traders need to deposit between $250 and $2,000 to trade positions of $50,000 to $100,000.

Forex traders are usually given several options when deciding how they will deposit funds into trading accounts. Credit card deposits have by far become the most natural way. Since the development of online payment services, digital credit card pay-outs have become increasingly efficient and secure. Investors can log in to their respective forex accounts, type in their credit card information, and the funds will be posted in about ONE business day. 

Investors can also transfer funds into their trading accounts from an existing bank account or send the funds through a wire transfer or online check. Traders are also usually able to write a check directly to their forex brokers. The only problem with using these other methods is the amount of time that is needed to process the payments. For example, paper checks can be for up to 10 business days before being added to a trading account. 

How to Find the Right Forex Deposit Bonus Offer For me?

First, you need to determine what you want. It generally depends on your trading experience. The RULE OF THUMB here – never overestimate yourself. Another one – do not go for big numbers, unless you have a full understanding of what to do. If you are a BEGINNER in trading – do not involve in the deposit bonus. Such offers usually require you to complete a specific volume of transactions.

As you are not ready yet, you are risking to blow your account before you get to achieve even half of the required quantity. Trading NEWBIES are recommended to try some educational offers first. Experienced traders can get quite a substantial EXTRA income with forex deposit bonus offers. The best way to achieve it – pick up an available bonus offer.

Easily ACHIEVABLE! Never go for new trading to make the bonus. The best is to pick up a bonus that you can withdraw by trading about 80% of the volume you usually trade.