South African Forex Trading & Broker Comparison List 2022

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South Africa Forex brokers are the most famous throughout the world brokerage companies. It is one of the most prominent countries where the popularity and use of Forex trading are increasing day by day. 

Being a multinational country and spirited with the population of diverse languages, South Africa is one of the best countries to start up a successful forex trading career. 

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Basic Insight of South African Forex Broker & Trading 2022

With all this, South Africa is the most fundamental and vital economic center in Africa. This is the main reason that the number of forex brokers is widely increasing with time and South Africa Forex Trading is gaining unbelievable popularity among clients. 

With all these never demands, the government of the country has established a regulatory authority known as Financial Services Board (FSB) and which makes efforts for a better and upgraded atmosphere for the customers by applying the required terms and conditions so that with the increased South African Forex trading platforms and better services, the finances of the investors are also safe and secure. 

The SA Forex trading is attracting a lot of people like it a source of extra money, and you aren’t dependent upon someone else. In fact, with some new struggles and sound policies, you can also make forex trading the source of your fundamental earning, and there are many examples of such TOP Forex Brokers in South Africa.

In addition to this, one doesn’t require to make significant investments for Forex Trading. You need a computer with an internet connection and a lot of enthusiasm and courage to gain success. 

With the flourishing of South Africa’s economy, there is increased growth of the industry, which has a strong influence on the currency of the country. It is attracting even more people to South Africa Forex Trading, and they consider it a safe platform to invest their money. Moreover, brokers like Mzansi forex traders are adding up to their hopes.

Is Forex Trading Legal in South Africa?

The government of South Africa does not state any laws regarding the legality of the Forex Trading, so one can say that South Africa Forex Trading is entirely legal. The Reserve Bank of South Africa controls global financial interchange management outgoing the flow of cash from the state. 

The forex trading is legitimate until, and unless you follow the country’s rules and laws, strictly refrain from money laundering. Moreover, you also need to pay and mention your income tax. It is not necessary to go for a Forex Broker as per the law of South Africa. FSCA regulates the dome of the brokers of South Africa; on the other hand, some are certified by different firms around the globe.

Can South Africa Citizens Legally Trade Forex Overseas?

All citizens in South Africa, forex trading are allowed to trade forex overseas [specified limits]. To fund your forex account in this place is quite simple, especially if you have a credit card affixed with some prominent bank. It means financial regulations of South Africa can occasionally cause some hindrance if you attempt to deposit global accounts from bank accounts of South Africa or South African banks’ credit cards. 

Although this occurs rarely and is further decreasing with time, one cannot deny the fact that this issue does exist. Since 2010, it has become smoother and less complicated for the citizens of South Africa to send money to international bank accounts legally, thus makes it easy to fund in a Forex account.

Yet there is still a restriction on the total of money each citizen can move overseas. You can transfer 10 million Rand. 

Other than the method mentioned above, the other way to transfer money to international accounts is to apply separately for an optional foreign exchange stipend, which is almost 1 Million Rand. 

On the 27th of October, 2011, the yearly allowance law of R1 Million was amended to take in overseas funds and transfers. It, including the starting R10 Million, should be necessarily cleared by SARS (the South African Revenue Service). For initiating this process, one has to fill the MP 1423 form for the travel allowance up to 1 million.

Do South African Forex Traders Pay Tax?

The SARS service takes the profits from South Africa Trading as the net income, and hence, one has to pay the income tax for it according to the Tax Act of Income. All charges sustained from South Africa Forex Trading should be excluded from the net income to take out the sum of money liable to tax. The table of income tax gives instructions about how various individuals gave to be overtaxed.

Each South Africa tax resident needed to give tax on the overall income, and hence all South Africa Brokers and traders must proclaim all the returns on their yearly tax returns.

Furthermore, a short-term fee must also be submitted in August and February each year. One must take into consideration that the tentative tax is not the extra amount of charge; it is instead only a procedure to keep away from submitting substantial totals on assessment.

To transfer the amount offshore with the objective of trading, traders can add nearly R1 million every year without needing the approval of organizations like SARB OR SARS. Through clearing a tax from SARS, dealers can move to international accounts, up to R10 million each year. 

How Much Do You Need to Start Forex in South Africa?

Before you start a forex account, it is essential to know which account you need. South African Regulated Forex brokers offer five kinds of accounts:

  • Practice (Demo) Accounts

    These accounts are funded with virtual money and are usually used for learning and experimenting with new perspectives and schemes. Every Forex trader is recommended to begin this practice/demo account.
  • Cent Accounts

    This account, as its name indicates, multiplies all your investments with 100 and divides all payments by a hundred too. If you desire to make forex trade without leverage and don’t you have 100 000 USD, then a Cent account is the best option for you. 
  • Mini Accounts

    These accounts have a starting limit, which means you can start with any amount; these are usually used for high leverage forex trade. Mini accounts are the best choice for learner Price Action traders but are not best for scalpers due to their comparatively lax spreads.
  • Standard Accounts

    These accounts require an amount of at least 100 USD as the starting capital. According to the majority of investors and traders, this account is believed to provide the best forex trading terms and conditions, and therefore, it is used by most of the forex traders. Many of the brokers begin with the Standard accounts because they have quite fixed spreads.
  • ECN Zero Accounts

    These accounts reward an amount of 500 USD minimum as the capital means to open the account. It provides 0-pips spreads in exchange for a transaction fee, and are usually used by the professional traders who have huge assets. While the ECN Zero might attract some scalpers, it is not favorable.

Which Forex Broker is Best in South Africa?

To opt for a new South African Forex broker, the newbie forex traders should carry out complete required conscientiousness to make sure that they choose the best. With a lot of SA Forex trading platforms recently present, this could be a dismaying thing typically for people who have no idea where to find and what to look.

Here are a few queries you must clarify before opting for a South Africa Forex Brokerage to make sure that you chose the best one:

  • Does some regulatory body certify the broker?
  • What are the transaction costs of that broker?
  • How easily could you take out money from the trading accounts of the broker?
  • Does the broker have an investor-friendly, reliable, and secure forex trading platform?
  • Does the broker provide a range of accounts to go for?
  • How are the customer care and support services offered by the broker?

The FSCA (Financial Services Conduct Authority) is the governing authority that is accountable for authorizing the forex traders in South Africa. Other internationally, well-known regulatory establishments are CFTC and NFA.

CFTC is the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, and NFA is the National Futures Association. The two of these are from the United States. Others are SAFE from China, AMF from France, BaFin from Germany, ASIC from Australia, and PRA and FCA from the United Kingdom.

When it comes to transaction fees, it is essential to remember that the cheap forex traders are not necessarily the best ones. The forex traders should carry out detailed research using online platforms and the reviews of the friends and other nearby people before they choose a broker.

What is the Best Time to Trade Forex in South Africa?

Usually, you can do South Africa Forex Trading approximately 24 hours a day and five days a week. The term “approximately” is used every day at rollover time, which means 5 pm in New York, you can not make any trades for just a few minutes.

The length of rollover time is dependant upon the broker you are using, but this duration is mostly just somewhere between 2 to 5 minutes. Near to rollover time, the spreads on various currency pairs can be much broader than usual. It can make it unsuitable and unsafe to trade near rollover time, especially if you are using a tight stop loss.

The best time to trade Forex in South Africa is usually between 10:00 and 16:00 SAST (South Africa Standard Time). 10:00 SAST is the time when the London session starts, and 16:00 SAST is one hour into the United States session. Between 10:00 and 16:00 is the best time to get the notable economic news releases that can have a vast influence on the exchange amounts.

FSCA Forex Regulation

Contemporarily, due to a large number of scams that claim that they provide the best South- Africa Forex trading platform, every investor must make sure that a well known regulatory authority licenses the broker they have chosen.

As mentioned earlier, in South Africa, the FSCA (Financial Services Conduct Authority) is the supervisory authority that is responsible for ascertaining that all financial amenities carry out a legal fashion and authorized manner.

To find out if a forex trader is certified or not, you need to check it on the website of FSCA. This search, which you did on the site, will also help you to find out if the broker has ever been included in any scandals and illegal pursuits. 

If a  trader suffers any issue with a broker licensed from a regulatory body, he can take the matter to the Office of the Ombud for Financial Services. The new forex traders must carry out detailed required diligence to know if the broker feels the same with arguments.

Going through online reviews and discussions can help a newbie trader to provide a resilient initiating point when carrying out due diligence.


In short, forex trading is completely legal in South Africa, and authorities must license all the South Africa Forex Brokers like FSCA, etc. The citizens in South Africa forex trading are allowed to trade forex overseas within specified limits. The brokers offer various types of accounts. In addition to this, the government has strict to ensure security for the investor’s money. 

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