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are you NEW to Start Forex Demo Contest? 

Have you ever thought of trying something new to trade? Ever heard of Forex Demo Contest

Don’t worry! We're here to let you know about the best way you can access your skills and then practice multiple strategies. It, therefore, includes your participation in Forex Demo Trading Contest 2022.

Forex demo competitions are the BEST way for the brokers to INJECT new blood into their systems. In other words, it's an excellent method to bring in new people, and then motivate them for trading on their websites.

A popular form of INVESTMENT is Forex trading, but the individual brokers are always on the hunt for new traders for boosting their coffers. It’s no surprise there are multiple special and promotional offers for attracting their attention. Sometimes broker offers Forex Live Contest for attracting professional traders who try to gain additional profits.

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What Is Forex Demo Contest?

We thought you might like Forex Demo Contests! But who doesn't? Got a general idea?

Let us take it in depth.

The Forex demo trading contests are necessarily struggles, in which there are special prizes for the money or other incentives for the winner. Principally, set up for the new traders to get a feel for Forex trading, there are also professional and expert traders who prefer to take the benefit of possible prizes. Usually, there is no price to enter and the rules and regulations of the race that need to be followed.

  • Every broker will have their own rules and regulations

Contests held by multiple brokers will all have their own rules and regulations that they want their participants to follow, and it is essential that you READ their rules CAREFULLY. If you do not follow them, it will result in disqualification, and then all of your hard work will be ruined. 

Of course! It does not cost anything to enter, but you should also consider the importance of your time. The rules are quite simple, and they are only a matter of common sense. But, they are for a specific cause, and that’s to make a fair contest for every individual who takes part in it. 

A basic rule that is worth mentioning is that candidates should ONLY have ONE account with the broker who is the head of the demo Forex competition. It is also vital that there should be only ONE account per IP address.

Hence, if you share your PC with the other Forex trader, you must check that they do not have their account on your PC. You may feel like it is totally UNFAIR, particularly as two different individuals who want to participate. But in the long run, it decreases cheating and permits every individual a shot at a prize.

  • More common rules and regulations

A common requirement to enter multiple Forex demo contests is that you SHOULD register for a demo account with a broker before you are going to participate in the competition. It requires some of your personal details, and it would not take a long time.

Also, it is a regular practice to prohibit withdrawals, even after the end of the contest. If you do not adhere to this rule, it may result in your disqualification. It is not allowed to use specific trading platforms or software, and some demands that traders are not acceptable to get any type of professional assistance.

It is because the planners of the competition want to keep everything rational. And, it will not be the same case if specific people get expert advice or using a PC program for making the decisions. Of course! There will be a host of other regulations, so make sure to read and comprehend before you enter the Forex demo contest. 

Do's and don’ts with Forex Demo contest?

You will not face an issue exploring multiple Forex trading contests, both are free of cost, and both are for real money. Let me tell you an EASY way to do that.

In your search bar, type “Forex demo trading contest,” and there will be different pages. From there, you can choose us as we are planning to feature the best demo Forex contests. Each competition will be slightly different, but here are some strategies that can increase your probabilities of winning: 

Do not play safe:  The purpose of your participation in the Forex demo contests is to win a lot of money at a fast pace. As compared to you, the open trades with high stakes may usually and make some of the trades possible. You can select those having a high potential for profit. ALWAYS play your trades SAFE, and you may end up losing to those individuals who were ready to risk it all. 

How much you risk is dependent on the period of the contest:  A short period needs more risk. The contests can last from 15 days or more to only 15 minutes. A long-time period will permit you to be more conventional in your trading. But, you may want to consider going all-in if the contests are only for 15 minutes. 

There may be more than one winner:  You do not need to be the best for winning the prize, as multiple brokers provide bonuses to the top 20, or maybe 50, traders. 

DON’T FORGET, it is not all about winning:  A prize is always an attractive enticement; the recent Forex demo contest is not only about winning. When you participate in a contest, you get the chance to learn the pros and cons of Forex trading and check out the platform the broker offers. 

How to Choose the Right Demo Contest in 2021?

So, do you know how to select the right demo contest for 2021? If no, there is no need to worry! We will explain it to you in a secure way.

Here we go!

The Forex brokers offer multiple trading competition. Before you initiate, you should check the trading instrument first that may be able to you or not. Each broker has various suspicious terms and conditions of demo contests.

Well! There is no restriction to take part in the contests, and it’s not a big deal. But, always make sure to take part, check out the demands you can fulfill. In most of the cases, the learners do not make it even; approximately half of the contestants will go out of the game in the first few hours!

Hence, this offer is the best way to marketing for brokers. It is the cause; you should read all the conditions carefully. If not, all your time will be WASTED! Still, the broker can offer a significant amount like 15K dollars for first place with a trip to the dreamy islands! At this time, remember to check after greed, the trading platform, the reputation of the broker, and leverage!

How Can You Win The Demo Trading Competition in 2019?

So, when you got the basic concept, you should know how to win the Forex trading competition this year. We've made an easy guide for you by dividing it into some simple steps. Just keep reading.

Step 1: Start moving

Hooray! We're going to the winner. No! It is tricky! Do not be fast, in spite of winning, you should emphasize on the mind in trading. Now, as you know, approximately 40 to 60 percent of the candidates get out at the start.

So, start moving on the road to be a turtle! After that, you have to win the chance of about 50 percent. DON’T FORGET, up to your speed little over the passing time, the possibility of your victory will keep increasing. 

Step 2: Go with Predefined Strategy

Make sure that your feelings want to play a game with your mind. But, NEVER be an Idiot. You have to stay on the right path by controlling your emotions and being calm. Well! There is no mistake, never modify your strategy. It can be the cause for your damage, so you should stay focused, and go on with your already defined plan. 

POSSIBLY, sometimes your techniques do not work! Do not be UPSET! Ask yourself what you do, what is not right here. So, think about your STRATEGY; it is high time to alter the strategy. But, you should be CAREFUL; the approach is the principal strength of winning. 

Step 3: Do not waste time

Everyone likes a bonus regardless of their nature. Are we wrong? Of course! Bonus means amazingness to everyone! Why do you need to take it seriously?

Let us clarify: You can also ignore it because it is not your money. You may consider you have no issue losing it. Of course Not! It is just like senseless stuff. This misapprehension does not make you a winner. Moreover, having such a thoughtless frame of mind will not set you up for involvement in your trading.

Therefore, consider you are wasting your money and playing the real contest. Also, take it SERIOUSLY, at least, you should prepare yourself for live trading! Yes, one more thing! The biggest winner is the broker. But, it does benefit beginners to prepare their own selves for live trading. 

5 Things You Should Consider Before Joining A Demo Contest

Everyone wants to earn FREE MONEY. Don’t you? Nothing can be comparable to free money in the world. Above we discussed some of the easy steps that you can follow. Let’s talk about the tips that can help you to win almost any forex demo contest you participate in.

  • You should choose a reliable and genuine broker among a diversity of Forex brokers out there. Just BE AWARE of the fraud ones. They can only loot your money. 

  • Select a platform that is easy to use. ALWAYS keep in mind the kind of gadgets you are going to use while choosing a trading platform. In spite of an application-based trading place, prefer a web-based platform.

  • All the demo contests have different terms. To avoid disqualification and disappointments, you should make sure that you UNDERSTAND all the linked terms and conditions. T&C is the king! Yes, man. Recall us later!

  • Always CONFIRM that the contest, promotion, or competition is protected and overseen by a third party and reliable authority. Also, don’t forget to check out that the game obeys all the legal requirements.

  • You should SURF the internet to check out your local library for effortless to comprehend guides on how the Forex market works. You should LEARN how to use your preferred platform and how to TRADE Forex. 

Winning a demo contest is not as EASY as it seems to be. As the highest percentage gain is found, it will decide the winner, so; it is very demanding. 

Hence, there is no such MAGIC to WIN. But, if you understand something, then you do well. The very important thing is to hold and see the number of participants out there. You have to keep patience a few hours – identify the small upward and descending patterns. Additionally, try to set some 10 to 20 pips. Without any doubt, it is a prevalent process. 

To Sum it up

We all know that the Forex businesses set up a lot of contests on a regular basis. REMEMBER! You should focus on learning and not on winning. Never think about the prize, money, and benefits. ONLY consider creating up a successful strategy.

TopAsiaFX suggests taking the benefit of the trading market. All you NEED is a distinctive strategy and technique to win a contest. IMAGINE, you are playing a real competition after taking part in a game. After your victory, you can initiate the actual trading with the Forex bonus. 

In this guide, we have a guide for you to open your powers and brain of perception. Create your thinking and a winning SCHEME. Therefore, you should constantly try and find out what works best and what is not.

In the long run, you will start building up your own style and strategy for Forex Demo Contest from being existing to multiple plans. That's all from our side today! We will be happy if you share your knowledge, experience, and comments with us!